Polygon - For The Animals / Por Los Animales T-Shirt

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The message in both English and Spanish.  For The Animals, Be Vegan (Por Los Animales, Hazte Vegano).  Being vegan is always and only about the animals, the rejection of exploitation in all forms.  There is no such thing as going vegan just for health or vegan just for the environment, those can be achieved by eating a plant based diet, but being plant based doesn't mean being vegan.  Being vegan is purely about the animals, it just so happens we eat a plant based diet as a result of rejecting animal exploitation that also has a significantly huge positive impact on the earth, climate, ocean dead zones, deforestation and health.  

Wearing this shows you contributed proceeds to animals rescues, animal rights, activism.

- 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton.
- Top High Street brand quality.
- Available in 2 colours - English (Burgundy) and Spanish (Chameleon Green).