One Cannot Expect Peace T-Shirt

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If you give someone shit, you'll probably get it in return.  So be nice to others, do nice things, stay chill, don't let things get to you, accept that some people are nice and some are not.  You cannot fight fire with fire, the best way to fight evil is with love.  There is a reason why the best military tactic is to discuss, understand and come to a mutual understanding and respect, this is normally where peace is brought about.  Many will argue that but it works, it is effective, it is why one of the conflicts I was involved in was known as a hearts and minds campaign.  

Martin Luther King Jr. said "Those who love peace must learn to organise as effectively as those who love war".  If we are to expect peace, we must promote it, live it, give it.  There will always be someone who wants to fight it.  You could be the ripest, juiciest, nicest peach in a fruit bowl... but there will always be someone who doesn't like peaches so remember not everyone is open to the message of peace even though they will say they are, it is how society has made people, but you have the power to promote peace, calmly, respectfully, professionally, passionately and lovingly.  One cannot expect to live their life in peace if they do not afford others the same respect. 


- 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton.
- Top High Street brand quality.
- Available in 3 colours.  Blacktivism Black, Pink Punch or Red.
- Sizes range from XXS to 3XL depending on colour.