Leguminati T-Shirt

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The Leguminati.  

Available in Peaceful White or Seitanic Black.

Corruption is everywhere... but so are we.  

Martin Luther King Jr. said "Those who love peace must learn to organise as effectively as those who love war.  We are rising, we are growing, we are the few who have the power to change the many.  We are the Leguminati.  

Various elements make up the design as a whole including the Hamsa Hand which has within it a collection of Legumes, the latin around the outer says "De abstinentia a carnibus, ovis et lacticiniis" to abstain from meat, eggs and dairy.  There is also some scripture style text "vegan for the animals" and a general parody type design. 

All joking aside, we as vegan activists and vegans are making a huge impact and on the right side of history.  With what is effectively an indirect support from the United Nations Environment Program, (UNEP) regarding animal agriculture having "brought us to the verge of catastrophe" regarding climate change and the UN advising and recommending a plant based diet as the only way to achieve our climate objective and a massive decrease in animal agriculture (hopefully eliminated) the industries are going to have to change voluntarily or be forced to change by governments if the UN put the pressure on, which seems inevitable (but we will see).  We need to see a vegan world or we won't see a world at all, it will have made us extinct.  Our own species will have made us extinct. 


- 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton.
- Top High Street brand quality.
- Also available in 2 colours.  Peaceful White and Seitanic Black
- Sizes range from XXS to 3XL