Latin Abstinentia T-Shirt

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Latin - Abstinentia A Carnibus, Ovis Et Lacticiniis.

The latin is taken from old text found to be what would have been used to describe someone who was vegan back then.  At the time there was no specific word for vegans but simply to describe the actions in terms of how they would choose to eat.  Instead the description was for one abstaining from meat, eggs and dairy or "abtinentia a carnibus, ovis et lacticiniis".  Today we as vegans extend this to all forms of exploitation, not just eating since being vegan is not diet related, it is animal exploitation related which happens to extend in today's society to food.  Today, just eating a plant based diet doesn't make someone vegan, but if someone is vegan we just so happen to eat a plant based diet. 

I would hazard a guess (and could be WAY off) that the more modern version would have been something like "abtinentia a carnibus, ovis, lacticiniis et abusus hominum adversus animalibus" meaning abstaining from meat, eggs, dairy and against animal exploitation but since that wasn't in the old text, for all I know, even though the words are correct, it could be totally out of context which is why I didn't design it into the logo.  

That actually reminds me of a time I was on a bus on the way to the ancient city in Ayutthaya, a Thai kid got on the bus, it was about 100+ degrees inside this rickety old thing with no fans or air con.  He must've been around 7 or 8 years of age, in an area well away from any tourism, I can only assume he didn't speak a word of english because of what was written on his T-Shirt in huge, bold, helvetica capitals as he boarded and walked almost the full length of the bus.  Like when people get tattoos in languages they don't speak natively or try to change ancient Latin text and have no idea if it's correct (hello).  His T-Shirt said "F**k you, you f**king f**k".  Yes it was a small child's size T-Shirt, mind boggles.  I can assure you the Latin text on this design is correct and verified, directly from ancient text but my point is my rubbish attempt at a modern version is probably very wrong so I didn't include it.  So anyway.... 

As with all Animal Equals purchases, this funds animal rescues, animal rights efforts and activism.  Be on the right side of history. 


- 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton.
- Top High Street brand quality.
- Available in sizes XXS to 2XL in 2 colours, Cream Heather Grey or Royal Blue.