Friends Not Food Series T-Shirt

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Hey remember when you ate your friends? No? Exactly. 

This series incorporates the footprint of a cow, pig, sheep, chicken (meant to symbolise all exploited birds) and a fish (meant to symbolise all marine life)

To commemorate all those who have had their lives and/or children taken or endured torture; all unnecessarily for the sake of fashion, food, cosmetics, decor, building materials, hunting, testing, greed and profit.  It is important to understand that many, many more animal species are exploited outside of those represented here beyond in ways and numbers almost beyond belief. 

Wearing this shows you contributed proceeds to animal rescues, animal rights, activism and you'll have a bonus of looking heckin' cool as heck.

-100% organic ring-spun combed cotton.
- Top High Street brand quality.
- Sizes XXS to 3XL in various designs and colours.


  • Sheep/Lamb - (Choose Cream Heather Grey)
  • Chicken/Birds - (Choose Golden Yellow)
  • Cow/Calf - (Choose Bright Orange)
  • Pig/Piglet - (Choose White)
  • Fish/Marine Life - (Choose Ice Heather Blue)

Also available in Black - see 'Blacktivism' listings.