Fashionable AF T-Shirt

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Fashionable AF without harming animals. 

Because looking fashionable as floof really doesn't require anyone being harmed.  So when you see 'fashion designers' using animal fur or products made from exploited animals you know it was completely unnecessary and not to support them because they're only doing it out of their own insecurity to seem cool and current which is pathetic really - this includes wool (a cruel industry despite popular belief), fur obviously (be mindful that even if use of fur is banned in some countries, it is still on imported clothing due to loopholes and still in use on some popular fashion brands on the high street as well as being found in 'faux' fur which is generally sourced from asia) and 'down' in jackets and padding (a very cruel industry).  Choose cruelty free clothing made from hemp, organic cotton and synthetic fibres for example. 

Wearing this shows you contributed proceeds to animals rescues, animal rights, and activism.

- 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton.
- Top High Street brand quality.
- Sizes XXS to 3XL.