CattleTag Activist T-Shirt

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Tagged, enslaved, kept in confinement with no rights, exploited, abused, tortured, paraded and sold, dismembered, violated, ... and yet still legal... for now.   WE are their voice. YOU are their voice.  For animals, slavery exists in the worst possible ways imaginable.   One day it will be illegal, but until that day we have to be their voice, expose the industries, fight for them, rise up together because if we don't, that day won't come, we can't leave it for someone else. 

"But one person can't make a difference".  Every movement starts with one person... A single raindrop never thinks it can cause a flood, but together....

To all you activists that have witnessed these tags in person and looked someone in the eyes who was wearing one trying to help them and/or spread the message... thank you.  This design is for you, this design is for them.  Wear the message, spread the message. 

As with all Animal Equals purchases, this funds animal rescues, animal rights efforts and activism.  Be on the right side of history.


- 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton.
- Top High Street brand quality.
- Available in 2 designs and colours.
- "End This Shit" in Cream Heather Grey, "Slavery Still Exists" in Vintage White.
- Sizes XXS to 2XL.