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Retro Surf Co.  Our only involvement with the sea should simply be to enjoy, appreciate and respect it without exploiting anyone who lives in it.  

If we are 'top of the food chain' why are there many living beings in the sea that would happily eat us given the opportunity?  If we are the most intelligent species on the planet then why are there far more intelligent life forms in the oceans and if we are so intelligent, why are we destroying them and their habitat and indeed this planet for no reason?  I always laugh when someone says we are the most intelligent species because we are also, by a long shot, the most unintelligent, stupid idiots on the entire planet and there are a lot of species so that really says something about how insignificant we humans actually are.  In other news, this T-Shirt is pretty cool though. 

Wearing this shows you contributed proceeds to animals rescues, animal rights, and activism.


- 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton.
- Top High Street brand quality.
- Sizes XS to 2XL in Heather Ice Blue and XXS to 3XL in Heather Grey.