In Summary: 

Ethically made organic garments, vegan-friendly inks, plastic-free packaging.

Why did you launch the brand?

Because the animals.

Are the clothes vegan friendly?

Yes, of course. All garments are organic and manufactured as follows:

    • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified.
    • From a Fair Wear Foundation member manufacturer.
    • Organic Content Standard OCS 100 or OCS Blended.
    • Oeko-Tex tested for harmful substances.
    • PETA approved Vegan.
    • Free from animal products as ingredients or during production.

Garment Certification

Are the inks used in the designs cruelty-free and vegan friendly?

Absolutely.  The inks are OEKO-TEX certified, not tested on animals, contain no animal by-products, no heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE). This makes the ink non-hazardous, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, organic and vegan friendly.

How environmentally friendly is the printing process?

Very. Ordinarily, the main environmental issue in the textile printing industry is water pollution; the amount of water used in conventional processes is staggering. However, the Kornit DTG machines used for these products bond ink to the fabric in the most water-free process available, using 95% less water than traditional methods. 

What about the packaging, is it plastic?  Because plastic sucks balls mate. 

Nope, f**k plastic.  All packaging is plastic-free and is paper based made from responsible, sustainable sources that comply with FSC certification.  It is both compostable and biodegradable and easily recyclable, it is also weatherproof so it isn't going to keel over on a rainy day making you look like a wet dog (although wet dogs are cute as heck).  Essentially, f**k plastic and the damage it does to animals, marine life and the planet in general.

Are you vegan?

Proudly, yes and always will be.

What happens to proceeds and profits for any sales?

Profits go directly and indirectly to helping the animals and are donated to charities/sanctuaries/rescuers that rescue animals from the meat, dairy, egg, food, cosmetics, medical research and fashion product industries as well as a percentage allocated to help fund the promotion and education of animal rights and cruelty awareness. A very tiny portion also allows me to sustain animal rescues, currently I'm averaging up to 30 per month.  If you know of a worthwhile, legitimate charity, activist, cause, sanctuary or rescue setup let me know so I can look into it and potentially add them to the donations list.

Can I model for the brand?

In short, very likely. Animal Equals was setup to help raise awareness against animal cruelty and exploitation. I am always looking for volunteer models to model the brand and raise awareness whether you wish to remain anonymous (sounds weird, but see below) or whether you have a large social network following or none at all I would like to talk with you.

1.  If you have a good social media following/subscribers:

If you are a vegan activist, vegan influencer, vegan chef, vegan foodie, etc with a good number of followers and/or subscribers on social media, hashtag #animalequals on instagram and tag @animalequals if you are posting it in an Instagram story (so I can feature and share it, if you don’t tag Instagram doesn’t let me share/feature) of you wearing your Animal Equals garment or wear it on your YouTube video and send the link for a very good chance to be featured on the main instagram page, instagram stories and also here on the website as a featured model on one or more of the products with links to your social media for awareness to others. If you want to discuss beforehand, feel free to contact by email or instagram DM.

2.  If you wish to remain anonymous and/or don't have a social media presence on instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

If you would like to model the brand but don't have a social media presence, you can simply email or DM the photo once it has been discussed. 

If you would like to model the brand but remain anonymous, no problemo, in Anonymousfact it is very easy.   You can simply either shield your face or wear your existing A.V. mask (if you are part of Anonymous for the Voiceless) or a scarf perhaps to cover your face or have the photo taken in such a way that your face is not on show if you wish (or I can crop it out if the photo lends itself suitable for that - a bit like some of the photos on some of the T-Shirts on the site for example). For non-anonymous you'd just need to let me know you're happy for your face to be on the photos.  Obviously you would need to DM or email the photo(s) instead of hashtagging after we had discussed. Let me know if this is of interest by email and we can discuss it further.

Please Note: 
Neither are paid positions because all profits are donated back to the animals and I understand ordinarily influencers would expect a fee - any money paid to models would be taken away from the animals or ability to donate to an emergency rescue for example. The more garments sold, the more goes back to the animals so I really do appreciate any support offered for them. The most I can do is link back to your social media and/or feature you as a model on the garment(s) you choose to buy/wear on that garment's page in the preview images and product description with a small blurb about what you do, links to your social media, etc. For example "the model in the photos is (your name), (your height) and wearing a (your size). (Your name) is a vegan chef/activist who creates amazing vegan dishes / who works tirelessly rescuing animals / educating non-vegans on exposing the industries, etc. To find out more about (your name/organisation) you can go to (Instagram handle or YouTube channel links, etc)".  So essentially if you are looking to model the brand purely to get free stuff or get paid, it ain't happening mate.  It's about the animals, and only the animals.  However, if you really do believe in the cause/message/brand then feel free to get in touch.  


Can we collaborate?

Very likely. In addition to the above regarding modelling/promoting the brand, if you want to collaborate your brand with Animals Equals to donate proceeds to a specific cause, reach out so we can discuss further and I can look into the cause, etc. The more we can spread the vegan message for the animals and subsequently the planet the better.

Can I get a custom design for a vigil or event?

Yes. The best and quickest way to do this is by email.  You can also DM me via the official instagram page at www.instagram.com/animalequals although there may be a slight delay by that method as I run multiple accounts, so website or email is best.  I'm more than happy to create a design for a super low cost one-off amount with a quick turnaround then add the product to the site so you can order in the sizes and quantities you require, and you can also provide the link to the finished product to others who may wish to order directly.

Why Animal Equals?

Because all animals, human and non-human, are equally deserving of life. We all have a heart, central nervous system, lungs, eyes, we all in general have the ability to suffer, have family, friends, reproduce and a natural instinct to avoid pain. Just because we look different does not mean anyone is of more importance than the other.  We all have an equal right to live a life free of suffering, pain or exploitation. ALL animals play a vital role in the ecosystem of the planet.  Industry, greed, power and corruption aside, we are all animal equals.

How are we expected to eliminate different types of discrimination such as racism or sexism based on the appearance of someone else when as a species we are guilty of speciesism.  Irrespective of the difference in our appearance, levels and types of intelligence and ways of life, all animals are an integral and important part of the planet's ecosystem and in effect, equal in importance.  Although our species by the majority like to think they are more important than any other species, it is interesting that if human animal life was removed from the planet, the Earth would survive and thrive.  If one or more species of non-human animals were removed from the planet there could be potentially devastating effects to the planet's ecosystem as a whole by knock-on or butterfly effect so if you really think about it, our species are probably the least important species on the planet.  Nature does perfectly well without us.

How fast will my item arrive?

See Shipping & Delivery page.

More FAQ will be added as and when they come in.