About & Ethics

Animal Equals is owned and operated by a vegan activist.

At present I remain anonymous and known only to a select few because none of this is about me, it is about the animals.

All profits are donated to sanctuaries, selected rescue charities, rescuers that rescue animals from the meat, dairy, egg, food and products industries as well as a percentage allocated to help fund the promotion and education of animal rights and cruelty awareness and a very small amount of selected peaceful but pivotal activists.  A very small portion also helps me sustain volunteer animal rescues and attempts, of which I am currently averaging around 30 per month and it helps me to pay for any emergency treatment, x-rays or the pocket change for fuel to physically get to the rescue.  If you know of a worthwhile, legitimate charity, activist, cause, sanctuary or rescue setup let me know so I can look into it and potentially add them to the donations list if they meet the expected standard.  Please note, charities and other suggestions must be ethically sound and I will look into each one.

WANTED - Clothing Models Globally
Animal Equals was setup to help raise awareness against animal cruelty and exploitation.  I am always looking for volunteer models to model the brand.  Please see the FAQ page for details.

Custom Designs / Collaborations.
Totally possible, please see the FAQ page for more details on how to do so.

Ethical Values
Vegan for the animals, always, but see FAQ page for further info on the awesome ethical details of the garments and inks.